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Martin Prokop didn´t finish Rallye de France

This year's second unfortunate "DNF" is what we can read in the final results of Rally de France for the crew of Jipocar Czech National Team Martin Prokop and Michal Ernst. Just the same case as in August during Rally Finland, it was a technical issue on their Ford Fiesta WRC what forced them to withdrawal from the 9th place of overall qualification. The weak link this time proved to be a suspension on the front axle, which broke during the sixteenth out of twenty special stages.

Martin Prokop tells us his impressions from the weekend in Alsace: „We started the Saturday's leg from tenth place overall and after some struggling during the morning stages morning we made major changes of the car set-up at the midday service. After that moment we suddenly made some very good times, not far behind from the factory drivers in front of us. Unfortunately there was nobody in closer contact in front of us to fight with him, but still this is very important moment for us and finding that our French mission was worth something. We managed to find a good set-up for challenging conditions on the wet tarmac, which are the conditions that we have never experienced in tests during the last two years. Now we know where to move on and for me personally the Saturday afternoon was a big motivation for next races. There are only few tarmac rallies in the calendar so every new piece of experience and information gained directly from the race track are key for us. Sunday was crazy from the very start, not only because of the heavy rain and bad conditions, but also the car itself was indicating to us that the "barge is sinking" when water started to run into the car and our windows were completely fogged. We had to drive very carefully. On the city special stage Nr.17 during breaking before the retarder our front suspension broke and that was the definitive end of the race for us. I would like to thank our fans for their support, either on-line or directly along the special stages and at the service park. In Catalonia and Wales we will meet at the finish ramp! "

Team Manager Quirin Müller: "What a shame to finish like that but that´s rallying. To fix the problem was a question of few minutes but crew was not able to do it alone without help of mechanics. We conclude that this could be the material fatigue, because the car got no heavy hit or something like that during the whole race, not even immediately before the break-down. The only positive thing of this misfortune is that the accident didn´t happen at high speed on some dangerous place of the track, which would result in an uncontrollable trip off the road and could make more damage to the car. Actually it was the same technical problem as last year in Spain when guys went wide off the track. It's a little bit frustrating for the whole team that the demanding and busy week here in France we end this way, but the progress we have made in the set-up of the car is improving our impressions from the unfortunate result here. However, I must admit that the French rally is a bit fated for us and at this moment we are considering defer our participation there and to do some overseas event instead of it. "

Next event of the World Rally Championship is Rally Catalonia de Espana, which will be held the last weekend of October in the coastal area of Salou.

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